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At one point I told myself I'd stop adding to my safe when it got to where I was duplicating similar caliber/ size/ style... well that didn't last long . Example, once I started taking my original Glock 17 9mm to the range, HAD to have an M&P 2.0 9mm... then recently a Beretta M92... then several styles of 1911s... then fell in love with SA 45 Colts... on and on! It's ADDICTING. Probably the "worst" case of duplication is after I fired my buddies Garand years ago for the first time and fell it love with it. Grabbed a beater at a show for $800 and it shot quite well on the range. I now have 7, varying degrees from adequate to shoot, to brand new chromed barrel, tuned up trigger from Fulton Armory. Then fell in love with the sheer beauty of the M1903... again, it just gets addicting and I'm not making excuses, I'm loving it. At least with the older military rifles at some point they will hopefully appreciate in value so when I assume room temperature somebody else will either enjoy them or help pay the bills with them. So to answer the OP's question, no two HANDGUNS EXACTLY alike, but can't say that for Garands or M1903's.
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