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Just a thought; assuming there is little historical or practical value to this pistol and one really wanted to restore it to usable condition while retaining it's outward appearance, would it be feasible to do a Teague-style reline of the bore by reaming it to remove the bulk of the rust and pits and using some 4140 chrome-moly tube with a .065 wall thickness. That would reduce the caliber from .68 to about .62 and provide wall thickness at the muzzle that's already greater than the existing material.

I would think an interference fit would provide the greatest stability but I don't know of any adhesive that would withstand the process of being applied to a -300 deg. liner and inserted into a +500 deg. barrel.

I also realize the breech block/barrel interface may be the weak link after such a machining process. The whole thing would have to be proofed from a safe distance.

I'm more curious from a safety standpoint. I am an inspector in an aerospace machine shop so know it's physically possible but my 30+ years experience with firearms has been limited to contemporary weapons needing minor mods and repairs. I'm just delving into the black powder/muzzle loading world because of this particular piece.
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