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Also no squad of guys to fight with me, no air support, no artillery on call. no one with a belt fed GPMG or .50cal for suppressive fire support, and no medivac. I can count on NOTHING except being on my own.

That is, for me, a good reason not to choose the AR10 type rifle as my combat rifle. It may, to you, have 'modern features" you feel are benefits, but to me it LACKS some rather important "old school" features I feel are necessary and beneficial.
I guess I'm dense. I honestly don't understand the point you are trying to make,and so I'm not prepared to discuss it.

For those compelled to nitpick : I'm fully aware of the differences between the Armalite AR-10 and the M-110/ SR-25 / DPMS/etc and the M-14/M1-A .

I'm not going to try to write like some lawyer to keep you from getting triggered. Its too much keyboarding. Sometimes it matters,sometimes it doesn't . In this discussion,it does not matter. If you want to get your thong in a knot about it,fine. Please write to your therapist. I don't need to hear it.

I admit,I don't own an M-14,and I'm not in the loop. I don't need M-14 parts. I don't keep track.

I can go to Aero and get "M-110" (AR-10) parts. No problem. Magpul,C-products,etc. I don't understand the problem.

Once again... this reminds me of having a beer with a devoted Harley rider.

There is nothing to be gained in the discussion.

I ABSOLUTELY believe our guns are one place we ought to be able the excersise our preference,"just because". It needs no justification.

With the M-110/AR-10 , I bought one that ws 7.9 lbs,NIB. (DPMS LR308L)

Out of the box,just over 1 MOA. I know,you aren't impressed. Thats OK. It meets my needs.

The original magazines are a fail. As Colorado had passed a "over 15 round ban" about the time I decided to order the rifle,I made a "Grandfather Clause" order of magazines from "C" products. They work. Laser welded thin wall spring tempered stainless in black.

My trigger is fine. If I want a Gisselle, all it takes is $ and R+R a couple of pins. IIRC, I ay have put a Rock River NM in it.

If I want a Kreiger bbl, all it takes is $. I have the tools.

Furniture,Barbie Bling,etc,etc, junk mail in my inbox every day.

I sincerely support you enjoying your M1A/M-14. Its a great rifle!!

If I was starting over,I'd still go the AR-10/M-110 route. I'm happy.

Regarding full auto,early1970's I was in an ROTC outfit that trained seriously.

Ft Carson sent us Hueys for Airmobile FTX's. We accompanied the 19th Special Forces (Guard) unit on exercises. The year some of my classmates had the option of going to Airborne School or Ranger School as an option to summer camp,they came home with 3 Airborne Wings and two Ranger tabs.
We mostly trained between 7000 and 10,000 feet. Fall,winter,and Spring quarters. Plenty of cold nights and uphill.

OK.I was the class behind them. The USA left Vietnam. I became a machinist.

Aside from carrying the M-14 in training, I rangefired the M-14E2 beside the BAR and the 1919A6 and the M-60.

Long time ago. I've had an AR-10,and an FAL double/triple on me. It was fixed immediately,but I agree effective,controlled full auto infantry rifles in 7.62x51 are not in my experience. Seems silly to offer . In my experience,the general issue M-14 did NOT have the switch. AFAIK, as an infantry rifle,the full auto M-14 is pretty moot.(Except the E-2)

In my very limited experience, flipping the buttplate doohickey up,using the bipod and forend grip,preloading everything, its no problem to control full auto M-14E2 fire center chest of an E-silouhette at 100 meters.
With a standard infantry M-14, the second round is probably a miss at 50yds.
Quicker to recover semi auto and send a second shot.

I would not want a full auto AR-10.either.

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