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Rom to Yugo 8mm . The Yugo is a .323 dia bullet , the Rom is .321 . The Rom is a little narrower at the shoulder . There is more difference between US .303 and British WWI ammo than there is between some Russian and Finn 7.62x54 . 7.62 T and 7.63 M are different cartridges , for different weapons . Just because you could fit a .357 mag in an old 38 S&W does not mean you should shoot it . That is why they have different names . On the other hand Finn and Russian 7.62x54 ammo both shoot in the Mosin rifles with no problems . The Finn's fought two wars with that ammo without worrying about what someone at CIP thought . CIP is also confused and wrong about some German 8mm ammo also .
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