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Originally Posted by wild cat mccane:
Glock also says on their website a tighter action and trigger along with a better barrel improve gen5 accuracy. This is straight from the Glock website I posted.

I haven't heard someone say their Gen5 is less accurate than the Gen4.

The point being, if there is an agreement on a 500 dollar gun being better with a new generation, it's kinda silly not to get the improvement (let's assume it's a mechanical improvement.
My 19X has a smooth rolling break trigger that is almost as good as the APEX Action Enhancement Trigger package that I have on my Gen3 17. I do think that this APEX package is a bit light for my Gen3 19, but I do have the APEX firing pin block and connector, and a polished trigger bar on the 19. But I like the Wilson Combat Vickers Elite F.O. Front & Blind Battlesight Rear on the 17 and 19 better than the luminescent sights I had Glock install on the 19X a while back.

My take is that my Gen3 17 & 19 with sight & trigger mods that I like and have good shooting experience with works better for me than replacing these with Gen5 versions.
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