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I have no arguement with anything you said,Carl. It all makes sense to me.

But you,sir,were not sleeping beside my former spouse when she said "Don't let the bear bite me again!"

It wasn't your Wife who felt the front paws press her down as the bear took a bite of her butt.

We were 200 river miles from the nearest road,this bear was not leaving before he ate someone. Yelling,dog barking,warning shot, I even hit him across the face.

As Elmer said "Hell,I was THERE!"

You do you! Not likely you will convert me.

I'm truly grateful I dismissed advice similar to yours ,relied on my own judgement and was not helpless when faced with this 6 foot 6 in nose to tail predatory old boar black bear.

I had my Win 97 12 ga and my Ruger SBH.

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