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Yes, I've seen the new top opening one. It would be nice in a drawer, but I needed one under the bed, mounted ever-so-sturdily to the frame. I'm a fairly unorganized guy, so if I had something that opened on top, I'd have something stacked on it when I needed it.

I'd love to see a new model with a pull-out drawer inside. There are other brands that have this, but none of the vault-like thickness that the "" ones boast. My only beef with my safe is that you have to stick your hand into the fairly small opening to get your pistol out. But it's one tough monster.

If I could afford to trash it, I'd love to just poke, prod, and pry the HECK out of it to see just what it would take to get in it. I quickly trashed a Homak safe once when I couldn't find the keys anymore. That was fun. I Don't see me being able to do that with my 4811.
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