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Maybe I'm Too Old For The 590 Shockwave

I know the Shockwave isn't a shotgun, but not sure where else to put this.

I posted earlier about adding a sling to it or just changing the Shockwave to a regular ol' 590 shotgun but wanted to shoot it again before I decided. When I got the Shockwave, the first thing that I did was put a Mesa Tactical adapter and SBA3 brace on it. I shot it and it was great. Fun, even. But I don't trust ATF any farther than I can throw my truck, so, I decided to put the Raptor grip back on since I am hearing rumblings again about them banning braces (still not sure how they can just change laws and rules on a whim). Anyway, went and shot it today in it's original form and I'm thinking I may be too old for the darn thing.
I put some grip tape on the Raptor grip which did help, but it's still a handful. I shot 25 rounds of target loads and five of 00 buck and when I was done I was only bleeding in two spots. The trigger has a sharp corner on it, so, it poked me and the strap on the forend of all things was sharp enough on the end of it to cut my other index finger. Both of these obviously happed under recoil.
I've almost got it in my mind to try and figure out how to shoot the thing effectively just to be stubborn about it. One of my problems is that I dislocated my left shoulder a few years ago and it doesn't have the range of movement that it once did. The other problem is that my hands have got weak as I've got older.
I figure if I make a shorter forend strap then that will help me keep my grip a bit better by making it tighter with my hand there. Then I have to believe a sling would help give me some leverage at shoulder height. Mine didn't have a sling stud on it, so, I'm waiting for one to get to me to try out this theory.
I'll let my fingers heal up then try it again.
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