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Sorry If I don't fit in to your lil club here but if you only want a certain type gun owner on here maybe you should put that in one of the sticky post and ward off the other people.
TFL is not a clique or club, it is a large group of widely diverse and geographically scattered people who share a dedication to the advancement of responsible firearms ownership.

We welcome all kinds of gun owners on TFL--the only requirement for membership is to follow the six rules set forth for participation in the forum rules that each member agrees to when they register on the site.
I know I have made a few post and received not one response until I ask again...
It happens to everyone now and then, and can be difficult to predict what will get a lot of responses and what won't. With thousands of members from all over the world, I don't see how there could possibly be some sort of conspiracy by which the entire TFL membership agrees to ignore certain kinds of posts, or posts from certain members, until the question is asked a second time.
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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