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The one thing I'm not so sure about is how he thinks it is nearly as easy to load as 45. It is a necked case, which complicates things a lot. Case stretching is more of an issue, lubing the case is needed.
If you use a .40 carbide sizer, its one extra step and no lube is necessary.

I never seemed to get any case stretching, and never had to trim them like you do with rifle cases. Not saying you wont at some point. But since theres a lot of once fired brass available now, Id probably just chuck it at that point and get more.

Although the P220 is a great gun (see Stephen Camp's recent write-up of it) it will probably not be ideal for carry, as it is big and heavy. (even the Carry model) Think about what it will be like to lug all that bulk and weight around all the time. I think it will get old.
The P220 isnt really "big and heavy". Its about the size of a Colt Commander, and lighter than the Combat Commanders (I carried Colt Combat Commanders for about 25 years befroe switching to the P220). I carried the P220 for awhile before switching to a P226, which is basically the same size as the P220, and its carries no differently as well.

I also had a P220 Carry, which is basically just a P220 with a P245 slide on it (I had a P245 too ). They are OK, but SIG has some silly ideas when it comes to sizes, and there is really little difference between the P220 and a P220 Carry.
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