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I have owned a SR22 since they first came out. Ran like a top, but had severe issues with galling of the slide. Had it back to Ruger on a number of occasions. Ruger replaced the slide twice. Since then no problems.
The SR22 I own is one that will run ammo of any kind I have put through it. Extremely reliable. In fact I cannot recall when it had a failure. I am sure I have had one, just so reliable I do not remember.
It is kind of a strange It does not seem to get dirty or no where near as dirty as others. Seems almost clean after use.
I use if for training for my other guns. Fast point and shoot. Accuracy is not this guns strong suit. But good enough for what I do.
For accuracy, believe it or not the Little Phoenix HPA is fantastic. I do a lot of drills where I place 2" glow pasters lined up with three to a row, and 9 rows down. Then as fast as I possibly can, I shoot, try and nail all . The Phoenix excels in this drill for instance.
I prefer the Phoenix HPA22 over the SR22. In fact have two of them. And cost about half the price.
I also do not like the Ruger trigger. The amount of free play before the break is weird. Feels like the trigger spring is broke or not working. Really wish Ruger would come out with a DAO style trigger.

What is my favorite for sheer fun? The LCR. And has been a huge aid in my small barrel training which I love to shoot. Pocket guns, revolvers and Micro 9mm's.

All said, Congrats to the OP, I am sure he will have a lot of fun and good training with the SR22 and he sure got a great deal. Ruger customer service has been top notch.

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