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There is no expiration date.

HOWEVER, there are situations where it doesn't really make sense to respond to a post that is quite old.

For example:

If you have a question, posting on the third page of a 2 year old thread isn't likely to get many useful responses because people often read the first few posts and respond without reading all the way through the thread.

If someone posts a question, then responding with an answer several years after the thread went inactive is not especially useful. The person asking the question may not even be an active member any longer, but even if they are, answering a question years after it has been asked may not provide much utility.

Finally, people often don't pay super-close attention to when a thread was posted. This means that they may open a "new" thread, read all the way through it, take the time to research the issue, and then craft a careful response--only to find that it's not a new thread at all, that it's a very old thread that someone has resurrected for some reason. That can, very understandably, lead to frustration and irritation.

The forum software will generally provide a warning to a poster who is trying to respond to an old thread. It's not against the rules to ignore the warning and post anyway, but it's a good idea to stop and think about the warning rather than just checking the box and blowing past it. In many cases, it might make a lot more sense to just start a new thread rather than bringing an old one back around.
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