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Originally Posted by AKexpat View Post
That is a steal! Good for you!

My dream is obtain a Whitneyville Dragoon repro whenever the funds magically appear. I love the grip shape like the Walker but want the Dragoon with the shorter cylinder and the load lever latch.

Very nice looking gun, sir!

The same guy I bought this one has a "2nd Model Dragoon" for sale for $350... Here's the description of it:

"Uberti 2nd Model Dragoon sold by Western Arms. Box as shown in pictures shows severe age and maybe even water damage. Revolver appears to have been shot very little if at all. $350.00"

Personally, I don't particularly care what condition the box is in since it is a cardboard box. I don't expect cardboard boxes to last long anyway and don't keep any of them that come with my firearms.

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