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You indicated that you have a security system, I assume you mean an alarm system in the house. This is good but can be defeated by loss of power or mechanical failure. My first line of defense and warning system is and would be my dogs, they will warn me even before a door or window can be breached. They would also help keep your wife safe while you are out of the house. (go with 2 dogs not just one)

As to the shotgun, 1.5 oz lead slugs are extremely accurate in a rifled shotgun barrel so I would change to those or foster slugs for a smooth bore. Which would make it less likely that anyone other than the person I was shooting at would be accidentally hit.

As to the windows, a hole drilled into the window and frame and a large nail can be used as a locking mechanism to insure that the window can not be pried up and opened. It will not stop someone from breaking the window, but would provide additional security on them, most window locks are just pieces of junk with very small screws and do not work effectively.

Now the GP100, nice choice, I would use 38 Spl's +P in it instead of the 357 mag rounds, it would make follow up shots much easier. And having two guns at different points in the house makes for easier access.

Good luck and stay safe.
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