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Hello all - Powderman has it right and here is the definitive proof:
(see bottom of last page)
Also in the Nov 2011 issue of American Rifleman (page 90 - ILA column) we have this excerpt:
"The ruling also states that a pistol can be made into a rifle (for example by adding a long barrel and a shoulder stock), and then turned back into a pistol, without making an NFA 'firearm' "
Also - this info is now posted on the Mech Tech forum:
When Powderman first posted in this thread he was wrong.
ATF did not reverse their opinion until August 4th, 2011.
No, 2nd Childhood. I'm wrong. Just like the other folks here have said, I'm wrong. Even when I post the correct information, after research, I'm wrong.

By the way, once again--I'm wrong.

So are the following people:

ATF Compliance-Seattle
ATF Enforcement-Seattle
ATF Compliance-Atlanta

Assorted Special Agents from DEA and ATF-Enforcement--who shall remain unnamed here for obvious reasons

Mech-Tech Systems--heck, they're so illegal that they're still in business, and were in business for YEARS before this post was started.

Brownell's Inc.--a gunsmith's supply shop, who has a sterling reputation for following the law--as evidenced by their dealing in repair parts for NFA firearms, and who would NOT jeopardize their business by selling illegal items (who, by the way, carried the Mech-Tech systems CCU (Carbine Conversion Unit) for a few YEARS before this even became a controversy).

In closing--yep, I guess I'm as wrong as a two-dollar bill. (Hey, wait--we have those....)
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