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First off, thanks to you all for the great information in this thread. I just became a proud owner of a 1860 Army and since this is all new to me. One question in regards to rust prevention: I got my gun used and to be honest it wasnt very well taken care of. There is rust in the cylinder chambers and in the barrel. Also some minor rusting on the barrel assembly as well. As such I am pretty worried about making sure it doesn't get any worse. I have gotten as much rust and gunk off as possible with petro-based cleaners. But now that I am ready to begin shooting it I have cleaned it thoroughly with dish soap and hot water (all traces of petro-based stuff is gone). I have Crisco and canola oil available to me to use.

Is the natural oils like Crisco and canola oil going to prevent rust in between times when I am shooting? I hear mumbling that its not so good in that department but would like to hear from you guys that know.

Also would you advise completely breaking down the revolver (including the frame, grip, and trigger assemblies) and cleaning it after every outing? Or just the barrel, cylinder, and frame with occasional complete clean?

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