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Just got myself a Pedersoli .451 muzzle loader, going to use it for mid-range (200, 300, 500 yards) and long-range (800, 900, 1000 yards) competition shooting. It takes # 11 caps.

On my 1858 revolver, the # 10 caps fit down snug on the nipple, i.e. the top of the nipple is sitting against the bottom of the cap.

On the Gibbs, the # 11 caps have about a 1.5 mm gap from the top of the nipple to the bottom of the cap, i.e. the cap does not seem to be fully seated to me. Is this a problem if the cap is not fully down on the nipple. Should I file or sand the nipple diameter so that the cap sits down lower on the nipple? Or just leave it like it is.

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