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Everyone please take a deep breath and count to 10. The Firing Line is an excercise in exchange of is not rec.guns.

We have attracted a higher percentage of LEO's than most other boards for a reason...this site provides an interface for civil discussion and debate. I can not allow it to degenerate into a pissing contest.

I sat thru and recorded the entire Senate Hearings on Waco in 1995. I personally believe it was the single, greatest FUBAR perpetrated by Federal Law Enforcement on the American Public. I personally believe the military was duped into violating the doctrine of Posse Comitatus. I personally believe careers should have been ended (beginning with Janet Reno) and criminal charges considered. While I may personally believe I'm right, I also respect others' rights to disagree.

However, we can not allow every (or even most) Federal agents to be held responsible....any more than we can allow every citizen who refuses to own a firearm to be labeled "Sheeple", or every NRA member to be labeled a crazed, militia marching, NeoNazi. When we fall into these traps, the we all loose.

This discussion is already *way* off topic. We will allow it to continue, only because I, too, have contributed and it would be unfair to deny others the same right. But I ask you each to keep it civil...I know that is difficult in light of the deaths of scores of American citizens (both private and LEO)....but I think we can do it.

To this end, let me offer the first apology to Spartacus. In rereading my post to you, I can see how it might be interpreted as an ad hominem attack...please accept my sincere apology and my pledge that it was never intended as such.

OK....exhale .

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