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I refrained from posting in this poll due to the broad nature of the question. I have, however, reached a conclusion that I believe fits one of the categories, albeit loosely.

In my particular State, we have a "castle law" and I am glad for it. If I am in my home, and someone forcibly enters, I have no duty to, nor will I retreat. My door is where the line is drawn.

The protection of the law also extends into my surrounding grounds, however, if I can safely retreat into my home, and defend my life from inside my home, I will do so.

You might ask "Why would OuTcAsT not defend his own yard, he has the right to do so" ?

Simple, I feel a firearm is to protect Me, and my families' Lives. The only thing that exists outside my home, are material possessions and, all can be replaced.
I have low-deductible car insurance to replace any of my vehicles, Homeowners and business insurance will cover my other real property. If someone is intent on stealing some of those items, I will call 911, report the crime, and protect my family from inside my home.

"But OuTcAsT, you can legally confront the thief, why cower inside like a sheep" ?

Because to do otherwise might be legally acceptable, it is not , IMO, morally acceptable.

"That makes no sense OuTcAsT, someone is stealing your property, if you attempt to stop him, he might run away, or you might be able to fight him off without having to shoot." (you know, match force with equal force)

I do not like those odds, "Things" are not worth that risk.

"What risk ? You are armed, and proficient in the use of the weapon, If it gets to that point he has forced you to defend yourself, and you are legally justified to do that"

While that looks great in the headlines, the fact is, I had a chance to not shoot someone, and did not take it. Had I not intervened personally, the only thing lost would be "stuff". Now, I have shot someone (and they will likely be dead) I can easily use the law to justify my actions, They, after all, forced me to defend myself. and the cops, and media will have no problem with that. and on TFL I will be a "righteous warrior"
But when the dust settles, and the smoke clears, the reality of what I have done is; I have chosen to kill someone over "Stuff"

While the "spin" may be legal, I choose not to live with the moral reality.

I said it before, and I'll say it again, A Gun is Life Insurance, not Property Insurance.

As to protection in public ? If I can safely retreat, I will. If not, I will stop the threat.
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