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Originally Posted by HiBC View Post
On the topic of the drunk jumping on the tent:

I question using a gun I assume is loaded (As they ALL are) to beat someone in the ribs with . The odds of a negligent discharge are high. If you intend to shoot the guy,pull the trigger. If you do not intend to shoot the guy,it must be a bad idea to shoot him. Don't brandish in a careless way likely to "accidentally" shoot him.. It won't work out in court and you will likely deeply regret having shot a human being

In an SD situation, its SD if you can justify you shot someone with the means and intent to kill you.

Its different if you are using a gun for punishment or intimidation.
Thats probably a crime.

Regardless how a story sounds for a "Good Old Boy Beer Story" ,when we are in real life, We had best consider how the story will sound before a judge and prosecutor,and what a jury will think of it.

Not every drunk jackass needs to be shot. And sometimes its the guy who introduces the gun who is acting the jackass.

I'm not a moderator, but some stories might give the anti-gunners something to work with.

No doubt the jackass drunk tent jumper was wrong.

He may not have been the only one
The idea of shooting a drunk kid or kids pulling a stupid stunt is a scary thing to think about. And in Public Camp grounds you should consider that Alcohol will be consumed and in a lot of places a Police Officer is not around for miles.
You make a good point. And in a public camp ground, all you have is a tent, you simply cannot shut and lock the door and wait for police. You have a confrontation in the making and this is where danger pops her head. Confrontations can escalate real fast. And if you even pull your weapon, then you may still end up in jail. (Brandishing is against the law in my state) Your word against theirs. Some food for thought for sure.

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