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"As he hit the tent I blocked him & slammed the top of the gun in his side about three times, then pushed him off me & the tent from the inside. By the time he stopped moaning & crying about his ribs hurting, I was out of the tent with the flashlight on & the gun pointed at him." (7.62 Man)

??? So an intoxicated man who jumped on your tent constituted a threat level that justified pointing a loaded gun at him AFTER you had already pistol whipped and injured him? Did he have a weapon? Was your life in danger?

Or was he just some drunk kid who made a dumb mistake and needs a 12 step meeting?
Thinking the exact same thing, shurshot. Guns should only be pointed at real threats. I can't think of a scenario where a person who desires to hurt or kill you "belly flops" on top of your tent. Though, film footage of the incident might have made for a winning candidate in AFV's contest for the most funny video.
Being dark, and not knowing exactly what drunk guys intentions are, my gun would have been out as well. May not be pointed at him, but would be ready for use.

My tent /trailer is my home, away from home. It’s no different than checking the door gun in hand when some idiot comes beating the crap out of it at 2am, yelling incoherently, thinking it’s his buddies house, that lives on the next street over.
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