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Thanks, Nick. I'll have to become a much better shot before I can consider competing anywhere

I swapped out the trigger guard (kept the original H&R guard, of course) mostly for aesthetics. I was simply going to buy a Springfield trigger group, and sell off my H&R to someone who had an H&R rifle, but when it (the clip loading issue) was mentioned to the CMP, the trigger guard came up in conversation, and their response was to just send me an SA guard along with a replacement bullet guide- and a really nice one, at that. From what I've read the later construction trigger groups were superior, so perhaps I'm getting the best of both worlds here, allowing for my tastes, with the trigger group appearing to be an early unit externally, which is more visually agreeable to me, with the improved trigger group internally

It fascinates me to do a little work to old machines. It's probably why I fool with muscle cars, but given the rough life of a military rifle it interests me to no end when I disassemble things like the 50+ year old trigger group, and see that the parts are practically new in appearance and function
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