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The accelerator is on a smaller pin through the op-rod catch, so this is a level of disassembly you probably did not do. Kind of like taking the sear off the trigger, most people never do that. Might not be the catch incorrectly installed, but just assembled with it dangling wrong or some such thing? I am just going by very vague memory of something along this line that I recall prevented the follower from bottoming out, but, man, I'm going back 20 years in memory here. You'll forgive me if I don't really want to disassemble one of my Garands and put it back together wrong to try to replicate this. Calling Anniston is a better bet.

If you get the other gun and neither are bedded, try swapping the stocks. If you have time, start swapping out the follower and op-rod components until you identify the culprit.
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