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Thanks for the replies


The bolt and operating rod work correctly. I have not checked spring length, but I have visually inspected it, as I stripped the rifle when I got the thing The spring shows no signs of elongation; the coils are all evenly spaced. The operating rod moves smoothly and the bolt is definitely all the way back when the rod is pulled rearward

The rod itself shows no bends or wear that a normal, properly functioning op rod would not show


I will check again, but I can't see how this could be installed incorrectly. The pin that holds all of those parts together is easily removed with a bullet. I attempted to install the parts so that the right angled piece do not have the arm inside the "L", but rather riding on top of it, to see what would happen. The pin is not able to be slid home in that case. I can see how if the follower was not inside the angled portion that this may happen, but I also cannot see how the rest of the clip would feed in this case

Perhaps I should take some photos of the rifle as it is assembled right now (which is the same way I was shooting it) so I can illustrate the issue more clearly
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