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So, why am I wrong? What benefit do I gain by helping out people who will use my knowledge against me when they vote? I should just be nice to them and hope they change their minds later?
You aren't wrong and you can do whatever you want. BUT..if some guy has an opinion I disagree with..and he is constantly in my face, yelling and screaming, I may not vote they way he does. An example was, I owned a bicycle shop. I never put any 'political' adverts in my windows cuz yer gonna tweak 50% or so of the people who see it. Gent came in from that 'organization' supporting the ballot measure..I said no thanks to the window poster and he got all agro with me, yelling and, I vpted again the measure.

Really trite but you DO get more results with honey than vinegar..or just don't participate in discussions that get contentious...I yak with my neighbors all the time..I have no idea of what their 'political' bend is...

YMMV, IMHO, and all that.

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