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It really depends on what you plan on using it for. If you're going to the sandbox either as military or as a contractor, your needs will be different then say someone in law enforcement. It may even differ if you are a contractor who is working a static security detail as opposed to someone who is running convoys or patrols.

Most military sets ups will carry anywhere from 8 to 16 rifle magazines along with grenades, smokes, commo, medical kits, handgun mags and probably a bunch of other stuff. LEO rigs tend to be smaller carrying 2 to 4 mags, maybe some shotgun ammo, a radio and a couple handgun mags.

I have several different rigs for three gun matches and such and a couple dedicated for work. I've had good luck with Specter Gear, SORD, Tactical Tailor and SpecOps. If you are not sure, get a good basic MOLLE set up (possibly with internal mag pouches for 6 mags) and then you can add and subtract other stuff as the mission changes. The choice of vest or chest rig is purely personal as both have pluses and minuses in certain situations.

This is a good overall place to shop for gears as they carry most of the major brands and their prices are competitive.
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