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Consolidated Gun Season Success Thread

Slow one in Western Wisconsin, and statewide. I'll hopefully get out for shotgun sometime this week in Ohio, but here's Wisconsin so far.

Shot the doe opening morning (Saturday) because it was cold, one of the few cold days last week, and I wanted to get out of my stand around 9. Probably somewhere between 50 and 75 yards, hit her kind of far back offhand from a tree stand while she was on the move but she flopped right over and rolled down the hill anyway (made for a fun drag back up). I am a big believer in the 165 grain Remington Accutips - 6 for 7 on flopping so far, and the outlier was some freak 90-pound doe that could take two through the lungs and still run for a third.

Buck was Monday morning. I'd normally try to let a guy like this walk except I hadn't seen a darn deer since opening day. Wanted to get some meat... Similar story as above, close offhand shot. He walked in and I took him under 50 yards, I was sitting against a tree and he was quartering-toward for a shot through the chest. He also flopped, although I gave him a followup because he was still fading when I walked up. For a 2.5 year old, he had a nice spread, would've been a wall-hanger in '09 for sure.

Speaking of which, picked up my mount from last year. It's hard to show the character with one picture - the longer brow tine looks like a Ka-Bar from the side, it's got some depth to it. I'm happy in any case, he was a big-bodied sucker. Most of the heavy-racked deer are way, way too smart around where I hunt. The fields are littered with them after dark but they evaporate during shooting hours. Only one hunter I know consistently gets trophy bucks, and he basically quits work and lives on his hunting land from August until December, so...

Passed on a few other lousy opportunities on doe, it's nice to fill a couple tags relatively fast because you don't end up taking iffy shots later on.

So those who haven't already shown, what'd you get?
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