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1. Raise the press ram to it's highest positon without camming over" It goes on to say set the die on the top of the shell holder.


That right there is very interesting . It would be hard but not impossible to hold the handle/ram just short of cam over while adjusting the die
the cam over press is also know as the bump press' problem, reloaders are so infatuated with bump as in 'bump the shoulder back' they have no ideal where the term came from.

If the press is a bump/cam over press the die must be adjusted to the ram at the highest point of travel. OR: they are required to add the amount of cam over.

That right there is very interesting
Interesting? Forum members have been claiming they have been reloading for many years, I believe it is most interesting they know little to nothing about adjusting the press. If the press is adjusted and the press is a cam over press it is adjusted when the bottom of the die contacts the shell holder the first time the die contacts the shell holder the press is not adjusted to size the case (if the press is a cam over press.

To obtain 'the magic .002" the die must be lowered .002" after contact/before cam over. If the reloader chooses to increase the presses ability to overcome the cases ability to rewsist sizing he will raise the ram then lower the die 1/4 turn. I could say think about it but lowering the die while the die is contacting the shell holder ciuld be difficult so I suggest the reloader lower the ram/shell holder to make adjusting the die effortless.

Again: Think about it: In the old days my favorite dies had a hex head for adjusting the die with a boxed wrench.

That right there is very interesting
If the reloader makes adjustments to the die after the ram cams over he must add the amount of cam over to the adjustment, I know that is mind blowing but all a reloaders has to understand the ram lowers after the first bump and is at the lowest point between the two bumps.

Yes, my friend did not know his A2 had .017" cam over so he added 1/2 turn to the die when he adjusted the die. Meaning he lowered the die .034"and never knew the amount of cam over had to be added.

Thirdly: knowing his press had .017" cam over he could have adjusted the die to the shell holder when the ram was half way between the 'two bumps', that would be the first bump when raising the ram and the second bump when the ram is lowered. I could say that would be automatic but I am not very successful when I suggest reloaders think about it.

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