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Meanwhile, these folks are the same ones who sit for prolonged periods of time in front of their computers playing video games, hour after hour of sedentary lifestyle, paying no regard to their physical and mental well-being whatsoever. Junk food, soda, beer, sugary snacks. Load after load of crap they stuff into their bodies without ever thinking about taking care of their health. I feel sorry for these people because what good is all that tacticool gear going to do for you when you run out of breath from even moderate activity? They spend every waking hour preparing for engagements with enemy invaders, toughened criminals or terrorists on rampage, but they either don't realize or don't want to realize that diabetes and heart disease are their real enemies and may already be starting to kill them slowly.

I have encountered and talked to a lot of these kinds of folks on the road. Those who think that the world and their whole lives revolve around their guns and preparation for imaginary insurgencies and social disasters. But at the same time they are woefully ignorant and unprepared for much more mundane and silent things that pose a far greater hazard to their lives than any imaginable war or catastrophe.
There's a lot of truth right here. It never made any sense to me for a person to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to focus on an armed encounter which is statistically highly unlikely to ever occur while totally ignoring the far greater theat to their survival.
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