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This got me thinking about how few modern shooting methods incorporate wrestling into their techniques.
The way I see it, the whole point of having a gun is so you DON"T have to resort to physical combat.
the problem with that is just having a gun doesn't mean you WON'T have to resort for physical combat. A gun is a distance weapon, most attacks happen in close range. There are countless ways to do it, what happens if your disarmed by your attacker?

But just as the sword is a lever, the handgun is a heavy weight that can be used to beat someone. And the rifle is a spear. But I'm not aware of any modern system where shooting from a stance flows into wrestling, as sword strikes flowed into ringen. Anyone heard of any?
I'm no expert but it seems its close quarters shooting, if it flows into actual wrestling wouldn't it be best to drop the pistol?
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