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The way I see it, the whole point of having a gun is so you DON"T have to resort to physical combat.
I agree. I have a friend who does semi-pro level MMA and is an absolute BEAST of a man. We talk sometimes about the merits of hand to hand combat vs. the use of ranged firearms. Both sides of the argument have valid points vs. the other. His benefit is he can defend himself much better than me in situations where a firearm cannot be had on the person. My argument stems from things like the advantage of standoff distance and the psycological effect of the presented firearm having a strong "de-escalation" effect on most individuals.

My thinking is it's good to learn both methods of defense. I consider myself competent enough with a concealed firearm, but I am fat and out of shape, pretty short and non-muscular, and quite clumsy. Therefore, if things get hand to hand, for me... welll... I try and avoid those situations at all costs by using the mush between my ears and carrying a firearm at all times everywhere I'm allowed to!
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