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Originally Posted by Drm50 View Post
There is a serious shortage in new scopes for actual hunters. In the woods a 4x scope is about all you need. Sometimes a 6x with big nice for low light situations.
The new generation of hunters are not hunting, they are assassinating game from stands with Target/ Varmit scopes. If you want a hunting optic you are going to pay big bucks for what is now considered a “European Style” scope. Same thing as the old K Weaver and straight power Redfield and Leupolds.
I’m not buying the low end Chinese scopes and not the $1200 German scopes either. Best bet is to buy a nice used Leupold for reasonable money. It’s still guaranteed. I’m looking for scopes for two #3 Rugers as we speak. I just want to shoot deer in the woods not observe craters on Mars.
Not to derail post, I promise, but to the point of “taking game in the woods and not staring at craters on Mars” I must protest.

Some, like myself, have our one rifle for all around use. Stalking deer, stand “assassinating” as you so eloquently pointed out, and varmint control. The latter requiring the higher power for longer distance shots.

I do, however, completely agree with you on buying a lightly used Leupold Gold Ring for the forever guarantee, and that they are made here in the states by fellow Yanks.

OP, Brownells has their sale/clearance section stocked with a few lower power scopes, like the 1-4x range with varying objective bell sizes. Right in your price range.
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