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Have recently been on something of a suppressor buying spree, so I've been trying to do a fair amount of research.

Your choice will ultimately depend on budget, intended use and priorities.

Although none of the suppressor's I've bought have cleared the ATF yet, based on my research I have a couple of suggestions.

For around $500 you can pick up a Yankee Hill Resonator. Seem to get very good reviews and it's tough to beat that price.

I've recently bought a couple of Dead Air suppressors. If you want something that can handle full auto and is built like a tank, take a look at the Dead Air Sandman S. Another option is the Dead Air Nomad, which might be a really good fit for 300 BO, particularly if you don't plan on doing repeated mag dumps. You might even take a look at the Nomad Ti. Really good sound suppression and ridiculously light. Might be the perfect fit for a very short 300 BO, where presumably you want to keep the gun as light and maneuverable as possible. Of course there's a trade off for that light weight. They're more expensive. And you really can' do repeated mag dumps. The company recommends that you wait at least three minutes after changing magazines before you commence firing again.

Of course, there are a bunch of other alternatives as well - Surefire, OSS, SilencerCo, Rugged Radian, etc.
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