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My Experience

First, a .223 Rem and 5.56x45 are the same thing. I reload my own rounds and they are identical, one is military terminology and the other is civilian. They both shoot a .224 diameter bullet at really high velocities. When you reload your own the variety of types of "bullets" you can load is endless. You can load bullets from 32 grains up to 89 grains and everywhere in between. My guns are 1:9 twist and don't like anything over 55 grains for some reason, even though the 1:9 should be able to go up to 75 grains without a problem.

I have tried the wolf steel .223 in my Aramalite AR180B and it did not like it. I had many of the steel cases get stuck in the chamber and had to either slam the gun down to get them out or use a cleaning rod and push them back. I have never had that problem with brass cases and therefore I won't use the wolf in that gun or my Bushmaster. However, my Ruger Mini-14 has no problem with the wolf steel cased ammo. The large number I purchased will be used through that gun and I have no problems at all. In fact, that ammo out of a Ranch Mini-14 shoots 2" groups at 100 yards all day. A lot of people say that that is unheard of for a Mini but it works for my application and uses that ammo reliably.

For my Bushmaster and Armalite, I reload my own and they are extremely accurate guns. When I use factory ammo, the pattern loosens up a little, but still is under 2 at 100.
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