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Originally Posted by Marion McGee
The part that bugs me, and maybe someone can explain or point me to some authority, is how can US 930 be used to prevent all weapons on gov property? There is a definition of what a "Federal Facility" is just a few paragraphs down at 930 (g)(1):
Tat's the second reason the VA hospitals are off base. First, they are ignoring the very explicit exemption in the law they cite that allows for firearms to be carried for "other lawful purposes." Since "other lawful purposes" is not defined in the statute, it follows that the words mean what they say --- any purpose that is not UNlawful.

And then there's the fact, as you point out, that the driveways and parking lots do not meet the definition in the law they cite for what constitutes a 'Federal facility."

I would LOVE to test it, but I don't have enough money to pay the lawyers, and I'm not in a position to be able to risk losing my RKBA if the gummint's lawyers are smarter than my lawyer.
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