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Well it started as a way to spend time with my dad (male bonding i guess). But it is a retreat of sorts where for 10 days (elk hunting anyway) you stop caring about ringing phones etc and become of singular purpose and mind. You live breathe and eat hunting for the noble creatures and try to put one in the freezer.

I'm a big fan of wild game as a health food.. and I like the taste too. We should ALL eat more buffalo too.

I'm not crazy about the taste of duck or freezing my ass off in a pre-dawn blind wet and cold while the dog MOCKS my shooting ability. But I'm MORE than happy to stalk in the bitter cold and high elevations chasing elk and deer and grouse. And the dog doesn't mock my ability as much shooting grouse.

And lastly.. because its FUN to hike ten miles a day carrrying twenty pounds of gear and weapons and kick them outta thier beds in the dark timber and smell them on the wind and draw the crisp air into your lungs. Its cool.

And yeah it gives me an excuse to use all that cabela/sportsmans guide stuff.

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