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I hunt for a variety of reasons, but I guess the main reason I hunt, is the escape.

The escape from the everyday life. In the woods there are no horns honking, brakes squealing, pagers beeping, telephones ringing, and so on; just peace and quiet with nothing more than a birds song, or the stamp of cloven feet to break the silence.

Watching the sun shatter the ice black sky with it's pink and purple spears of light is something only a hunter or outdoorsman/woman, can appreciate. Making my way across a frost laden field before daylight is an awakening for me. Ever stepped out of the house on the way to a hunt and taken a deep breathe? Only to have the cold fresh air about keep it?

Watching the birds, squirrels, and woodland creatures play from my perch in a tree makes it worth my while. If I get a deer, that's just an added bonus. I happen to like deer meat, which is another reason I hunt. It's better than beef, in my book, and I know what it's been eating -- acorns, rye, wheat, oats, and peas. Not some "fattener" or chemical man has pumped into it, just to make a dollar.

I don't hunt because I feel I'm helping thin the deer herd. I don't hunt to be barbaric or just to kill something. I hunt to put meat in my freezer and enjoy the whole experience.


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