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NO not all of the problmes have been solved, nor are the problmes limited to the polymer guns---

I bought a MK 9 this time last year, to start with it had poor finish, had a semi-buggered screw head on the grips and burrs inside on the frame rails --- not in a critical area but still looked like hell, plus had lots of chatter marks evident where cuts were made on the gun --- as they say in machine work when it comes to stainless "speeds and feeds" anyone know what I'm talking about? Or maybe try a sharp tool?

Not good for some world famous (if you read their propoganda) CNC machine shop

Oh and the gun did't work for the first several hundred rounds I shot it --- a FTF or more every mag

So I contact the factory --- they say shoot it more, it's breaking in --- it was way beyond thier break in period --- and it's BS to boot becuse a gun should work or be dam near 100% out the box not a FTF every mag --- what am I doing with my money and ammo?? --- puting the finish on the parts the factory should have!!! --- look at the Kahr guns they bead blast the bearing surfaces of their barrels --- See any other gun makers out there doing that???

Also their locking surfaces on the barrel hood are pitifully small -- mine started peening sub 1000 rounds --- could put an index card between the barrel window and hood!!!

So the gun goes back to them courtesey of my friendly gun shop --- comes back with the cosmetics not fixed --- still has a buggered grip screw -- why waste 5 cents on a customer, they have already been bleed dry, and it's very, very dirty -- tons of power residue on the thing -- It went back to them clean so they shot the heack out of it with some dirty ammo and did't even have the courtesy to clean it, wipe it off, spray it down with brake cleaner --- nothing --- again great attitude towards customer service.

The kicker? Dam thing still does not work post factory service --- the buffed the feed ramp, policced the extractor and replaced it's spring -- to no avail still a FTF every mag... or more ---wet with oil or grease, dry or dam near, limp wristed, not-limpristed, JHP, Ball, +P, me, another shooter --- nothing solved the reliability problem and I said screw this I can not trust this gun and have no use for it.

I have never had such significant problems with a new wepon, not such poor customer service, in fact I can't recall any product that I have bought that costs as much as the dam Kahr did, and that had such abismal customer service --- the guys at the gun shop were apoligizing when we took it out of the box and saw how dirty it was.

I can NOT reccomend Kahr -- I think the company and quite possibly the product are flawed, with a quality company maybe they could push the limits and make a 9x19 pistol in that size, but what I saw and experianced was poor design, execution and engineering --- if it had been the price of a hi-point or a kel-tek and did't perform out the box but by chance I got it to be reliable and it proved it's self over many thousands of rounds it woudl have maybe been worth it, at 600 dollars or so it's a RIP-OFF

I got a glock 26 and a sig 232 now and could not be happier with either one of them --- the 26 can be had a little chaper or on a par with the Kahr, the 232 will run you a little more. The 26 I carry very frequently, the 232 I use when I want a gun that I'll never know is there as it's super thin.
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