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Well, everyone is different, but here is my two cents:
I like to carry my PM9 and it is the pistol I most often have with me. It is not a range gun; I have H&K's, 1911s, and Sigs for that. It is a very small, reliable, reasonably powerful, easily concealed weapon. That is why it gets carried so much.

Prior to the PM9, I usually carried a J frame revolver. I liked the size and weight, and the fact that it blended in with my clothing whether in a business suit or blue jeans.

The recoil on the PM9 is very light to me. Since I usually shoot .45s, I find it easy to control. The pistol is quite reliable after breaking in, but watch how you rack the slide for the first round. If you are sloppy, you might have some hangups. This is a small pistol. If you use the slide release and let it chamber the first round, you'll never have a problem.

I would never sell this pistol.
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