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Perhaps I can elaborate on some of the responses.

1) Highly placed political associates can often get special privledges or services that people who are not in a position of power cannot receive. Therefore, if you know somebody in a position of power, they might be able to help you.

2) Bribery can often make things easier, and encourage people in a position of power to help you. (It could also get you into trouble.) In many nations, including the US, Congressmen are often "bribed" by contributions to their political campaign, or by the promise of votes on a certain piece of legislation. We dislike to think of our government as corrupt, but in many cases, it is.

3) Police or military have guns, so it makes sense that joining a police or military unit would allow you the ability to carry a gun. Unfortunately, joining such a unit is not always an option.

I hope our sometimes callous sense of humor has not unduly tarnished your image of the gun owners at TheFiringLine. Perhaps we cannot help with this particular question, but feel free to stop and write again.
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