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Why one extra magazine and not two?

Why two and not three?

Why three and not four?

At some point the very arguments that are being rallied against become your premises in defense of stopping at 1, 2, 3 or whatever number you stop at.
imagine landing 100 miles in from the front line with only two magazines. I wouldn't be happy. being mugged or caught in gang violence isn't like facing down hordes of brain eating bad guys.

imo, having 19 rounds is likely to be perfectly good. imo, having another magazine and another 19 rounds is just the bees' knees. 3 extras? 5? 20? Sure, where do we draw the line between what we take to ihop and what we carry to practice?

there is no linear equation or GUT for gun combat. The carrier has just a few things.

the benefits:

1. The chance of forethought and preparation.
2. A choice of literally millions of tools and unlimited room to combine them.

some of the disadvantages:

1. chaos.
2. impractical systems.
3. absolute freedom to listen to everyone who offers advice, even a three rear old.
4. absolute freedom to make stupid decisions.

i think that your point is good. one extra clean and well maintained magazine is, imo,mandatory.

but, what if i drop the first through the sewer grate and the second jammed on a sunflower seed? uh oh, i need three. maybe i manage to fire all 19 rounds and still havent halted my attacker? should i have brought 4, 5, or even an entire belt loop?

i'm not going to prepare for the one in a trillion chance of full scale war, i'm going to prepare for what i think would be probable
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