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Spoke to an ex Police Officer (27 years in Miami) He carries a Mod 92 Berreta, in his truck? Goes out for supper, and still leaves it in his vehicle?

If I am dressed, I carry my G19 and a spare Mag. I have drawn my pistol, 3 times in my life. Not shot anyone. But the sight of a muzzle had the desired effect.

Actually hitting people (Fistfights?) I have no real count. Living in the UK, working in my Dads Pub, bouncing in Clubs for 5 years in Liverpool, etc.
Three years living in Sydney Australia, 30 years in Canada.

Not carrying an (as we called it) a Hi-Capacity Pistol, assanine. Why? Just because. Study attacks by criminals, against not armed people, and armed people? Where are you better off? Wow, that was easy, yes.
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