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I hate that argument.

"If YoU nEeD mOrE tHaN X aMoUnT oF rOuNdS tHaN YoU sHoUldN't..."

What if you do? You'll run that line through your head and perish?

It's also not so much as you will *need* those rounds, but if you need to fix a magazine issue. Which we know is the Achilles heel to a semi-automatic firearm.

It's also to top off and asses the surrounding when breaking tunnel vision.

I don't know of a single person who has been in a gun fight(s) who complained about carrying too much ammo.

Granted, I don't think I would carry 3-4 spare mags...wait....I carry 1 spare and 3 spares in bag. So I always at least have 1 spare magazine handy. I stopped carrying 2 spares on person because my attire has change for work.

I wouldn't feel under-gunned with a snub nose 357 and 2 speed strip either. But having spare ammo on tap is cheap insurance and I hope everyone does it.

Along with that, at the very least, I recommend a windlass tourniquet and some quick clot gauze as well.
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