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My Glock 19 has a 16 round loadout. Just recently found a pristine/new G19 magazine! Replaced the one in the pistol, so nice to have that installed.

My spare Mag. I always carry, a G17 one. Why? For all the reasons noted!
Plus a bright SurFire flashlight. All on the belt.

The extra 17 rounds? NATO Hardball. Sub gun ammo. Might be shooting into a vehicle? Who knows. Leaking from back and front? Can't be bad.

Purchased a new pistol two days ago. A Glock 43X, Blue box. Why? Well, Murphy was an optimist! The chance of a 10 round limit passing some time in the future, is possible. By that time extra rounds magazines, 12/13? as spares will be made, if not allowed two extra magazines make 31 rounds a good thing.

Even though you know the reality of what is happening, an attack, a lot of times the "This can not be happening to me!" cause's a freeze! No life-saving movement. It might help if you grew up in rough places, and fought a lot, might help with the action, following recognition being natural. But now, an extra tool, my Glock 19 might be a better solution.

My Wife of 25 years is cool under pressure. She has been in the past. So she will follow my lead. Being watchful, never intoxicated, not ever trying any "Recreational? Drugs" in my life, being now 83 YOA. And intending to live longer! Shooting some low life youth, will not be a problem, faced with a definite threat. Other than that, going about our lives in peace and harmony.

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