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I have Ruger and S&W Revolvers. I like them both but I lean towards the S&W for fit and finish. I've never had a problem with the lock on the S&W's and if I did, I'd just send it in and I know they would fix it, no questions asked. That's just the way they operate.

As for Caliber, a 22LR or 22Mag might be a fun place to start. Anybody can shoot it with ease and they can be very accurate. If you want a little more bang then the .357 Mag is the way to go. You can shoot 38 Special in it and it will be easy to handle but if you want to do a little more damage to your targets then jump up to the .357 Mag ammo and blast away. The .357 mag is a very competitive round and is also a very effective personal defense round.
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