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I'm not going to recommend a revolver brand, but instead recommend a barrel length. Skeeter Skelton said that a 5 inch barrel was the goldilocks of length. Not too long and not too short, and I tend to agree. The ruger GP 100, the S&W 686 plus, and the S&W 629 classic, all come with 5 inch barrels. If the lever action chambering is not an absolute must, I would also look at the S&W performance center 986 in 9x19mm with a 5.5 inch barrel. It has great balance, fit, and finish, and 9mm ammunition is cheap and plentiful. If you're considering a 45 colt, then I would also consider the ruger redhawk with a 4.2 inch barrel and cut for moon clips so that it can fire either 45 colt or 45 acp.
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