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.308 200 grain ELDX.

So since I found out that I do not have a tear in my rotator cuff. I decided to keep the 300 win mag and start load development for the 200 grain ELDX. I did my ladder test as usual, but loaded an extra round at the top 2 charges and fired them into a dirt pile I made. I kept my Magnetospeed attached so I had a reasonable estimate of impact velocity.

The first Bullet penetrated roughly 13 inches of dirt. The dirt also was wet and still had stones and stuff in it. I was able to recover that bullet. Velocity at the muzzle was 2995 and the dirt pile was at 25 yards.

The second bullet went right through the dirt pile. Velocity at the muzzle was 3017.

When I get home I will post a photo of the recovered bullet. Mushroomed perfectly and held on to the core. Pretty impressive in my opinion. I figure velocity was around 2970 at impact. I know this is dirt and not an animal, but I have no doubt that I will always have an exit on deer. And should perform beautifully on pretty much any other animal this side of the Atlantic.

Coincidentally, I had a flat spot in velocity between 2986 and 2996 that was nearly .8 grains wide. So hopefully I will have a load finished for this tomorrow. Pending how it shoots.

Today was shot from the lead sled with 30 pounds weight. That is how I will be shooting until my shoulder heals.

I will post a photo of the recovered bullet in an hour or so
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