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I put a PID controller (analog) on a Lee pot back in the 80's. Worked fine. You do need to run it on a thermocouple with fiberglass insulation that can withstand the temperature and the oxidizing environment or else expect to replace it periodically.

There's no reason to pay that much for an auto-tuning PID controller these days. You can get them for around $20 on eBay. The solid state relays are about $6; $9 with a heat sink. The high temerparture thermocouples are $8. You still need a box, the panel-mount thermocouple connector, the power cord and fuse and to do the wiring, but that's maybe another $30. Less, if you have some of the elements at home. Even buying a cutout nibbling tool you should be able to get in for well under $100.
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