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I'm a .17 dissenter. I have a Savage in .17 WSM
I forgot about the WSM. It's decent, and probably the cartridge I would choose if I decided that I did want a rimfire .17.

However, I would by a Ruger or CZ. I don't like the Savage B.Mag.

Loaded, the Hornet is approx. 0.37" longer than the .22WMR. And the widest part of the case (the rim), the Hornet is 0.056" larger in diameter than the WMR. I don't think those small differnces (especially in diameter) will allow 15-20% more WMR than Hornet in the same space. 2-3%, maybe, which is kind of minor, to my way of thinking.
I agree that 2-3% would be insignificant.
But I think that estimate is grossly conservative.

The length of .22 Hornet, alone, accounts for a 27% increase in volume, if only considering a straight cylinder. Add the larger body and thicker, wider rim, and the number only increases.

Here's a good visual representation:
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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