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I have a .22K Hornet and I can load ammo for close to the same price as .22 rimfire mag. That hasn't always been the case. The .22 rimfire mag took a long time to become common enough for economies of scale to kick in and bring the price down. It used to be considerably cheaper to load your own Hornet rounds...

That said, with all the rounds that come and go, I'd be concerned that the Winchester .17 rimfire mag will not go out of production in 5 or 10 years...

I also have a .17 Hornady Hornet single shot rifle. I got it for no other reason than I wanted one. It's pretty cool to shoot and I plan to load for it when I use up the 6 boxes of factory ammo I have. Funny, loaded ammo was only pennies more a box than new empty cases...

I recommend a .22 Hornet if you plan to reload. It has 2/3s the power of a .223 Rem but uses less than half the powder. If reloading isn't your thing, a .22 rimfire mag would be the way to go.

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